2018 Children’s Fishing Competition Results

1148 Children took part in the annual fishing competition held in January. By the amount of comments and thanks received by the organisers at the end of the day, all the children had a great time.

Scale Fish Section    7 – 13 Years
1st Kaleb Hazelwood 9 yrs old
2nd Alex Vertongen 12 yrs old
3rd Jeremy Tait 9 yrs old
All caught herrings
Scale Fish Section    7 Years and Under
1st Mahaki Sievers 6 yrs old
2nd Jessica Scheepers 3 yrs old
3rd Ben Gibbs 6 yrs old
All caught herrings

The smallest fish were caught be Jeremy Healy and Isla Kemp.

The heaviest eels were caught by Cyrus Sharp and Jack Montgomery.

We even had some unusual catches of seaweed, reeds and small trees.