Yes its St Patrick’s Day so cheers to all our Irish members and hopefully we will be celebrating it again with you next year.

Our club is open for meals and drinks Friday and Saturday evenings, we still require vaccine passes and masks to be worn at all times when you are not seated. But don’t let this stop you, come along, meet your friends and have a great night out and watch those beautiful sunsets which we have been treated to this summer.

QUAD SERIES FISHING COMP. The Third in the series is on this Saturday and it looks to be a fantastic day.  The competition is fully subscribed –  Good luck to all 65 boats which are participating.

A reminder to all Boaties – our Radio Operators hours are 7am – 6pm if you are on the water outside these times in an emergency please use Channel 16 -the national emergency channel.

Boat Data Base – after 12 years of use we are updating our boat register data base and as you can imagine over that period we have gathered screeds of information.  We need to clean up this info and need your help. If you have changed your boat, no longer use your boat, we want to know its NAME, MAKE, LENGTH, COLOUR, MOTOR MAKE & SIZE , TRAILER REGO and MOBILE PHONE # – if you have recently joined the club or haven’t changed your boat don’t worry – we have your info.

JET SKIS are  on our register please add these also.  We need to know the MAKE MODEL SIZE (CC)
COLOUR AND TRAILER REGO & PHONE # .  More importantly how you will identify on a radio call as we cannot identify by just JET SKI or SEADOO  but using JET SKI GEORGE for example narrows the field down a little when or lovely radio operators are recording your trip.

We have update forms at the club or you can send an email to 

This is a huge undertaking and we will appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Enjoy this glorious weather, have a great weekend
Come and visit fantastic Foxton Beach

from the Team@MMBC