Something different to consider.

What about a FISHING GEAR auction?

The fishing committee is proposing to have a fishing and boating auction to be held at the boat club in about 6 weeks’ time (approx. end of June).

If you have any fishing gear or boating gear (except boats) that you wish to donate, we would run it as a $1 reserve auction so that everything is sold. A collection box would be positioned downstairs at the back of the hallway for donations which could be dropped off any day after 4pm.

NB: This is just an expression of interest email, do not start dropping off gear yet.

Alternatively, if you wish to sell it, the Boat Club would take 10% of what it sells for. Pick up or drop off of these items would be made by arrangement.

So, if there is any spare fishing or boating gear hanging around in your sheds collecting dust, or you want to have a clean out, just email: and if there is enough response we will go ahead with it and email you with an exact date.

Kind regards Fishing Committee