The Whakapai Hauora Wahine Toa Women’s Fishing Competition was held on Saturday the 10th of September. There were over 40 women entrants and some great fish caught in 3 categories. The theme of the competition is women’s well-being through fishing.

The hearty spirit of the prize giving reflected the theme and we thank the sponsors for the amazing prize pool. Best Care Whakapai Ora. Thanks also to the skippers, volunteers, fishing committee and Christina Brenton for a lovely job as MC. See you all next year.

Thank you also to our sponsors:

             Rangitāne o Manawatū Best care (Whakapai Hauora) Charitable Trust

Manawatu Hunting and Fishing

Max Wilson’s Jewellers

Flax Gift Gallery

Hillcrest Gems

Deconn Flair

OK Fish

Rangitāne o Manawatū Maori Women’s Welfare League.


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 1.020 Barbara Johnston The Bin Lid
2 0.990 Lyn Pope Notya
3 0.940 Dale Brown The Bin Lid
4 0.920 Irirangi Gerretzen Hometown Girl
5 0.870 Ngawai King Tauira
6 0.820 Raelene Reed The Bin Lid
7 0.740 Scott McIntosh Head Office
8 0.640 Anne Sharples Blondee
9 0.580 Anna Guthrie Nero


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 2.520 Maggie Slade Whatever
2 2.440 Marty Van Der Sman Nero
3 2.130 Sabine Slade Whatever
4 1.980 Terry Columb Sonia
5 1.900 Danielle Harris Tauira
6 1.890 Barbara Johnston The Bin Lid
7 1.850 Ngawai King Tauira
8 1.840 Jude Moxon Hometown Girl
9 1.800 Dale Brown The Bin Lid
10 1.790 Raelene Reed The Bin Lid


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 3.260 Kirsten Kirk Nod Nod
2 3.160 Barbara Patience Nod Nod
3 3.070 Ngawai King Tauira
4 2.920 Danielle Harris Tauira
5 2.790 Charli Tibble Tauira
6 2.510 Louise Dunkerley The Bin Lid
7 2.480 Anne Sharples Blondee
8 2.300 Sabine Slade Whatever
9 1.790 Barbara Johnston The Bin Lid
10 1.590 Vareena Stevens Nero

The Bin Lid team, one of the winning teams.

The other winning team, from the Tauira