Fishing Coordinator’s Report Easter 2023

The Grand Final of the MMBC Super Quad Fishing Series 2023 was held on Easter Friday and the boats lined up early even though it wasn’t clear if the fishing would be on or not. The weather forecast didn’t look promising but the BBQ breakfast provided by Metalcraft & Roofing sweetened the deal and a fresh easterly flattened the bar so over 80 boats could get out. Roger Fowler did a fantastic job on the radio and we thank him and all the other radio operators for the excellent work they do every single day of the year.

There were great catches of fish on Friday, mainly snapper and 15 big ones over 600mm were photographed and released back into the ocean. Plenty of fish were weighed in so there was no trouble allocating 15 prizes in all 4 categories to the heaviest fish of each species.

Despite cutting off registrations a day early there were well over 200 entrants and a fun time was had  at a very packed prize giving. “Money or the Bag”, thanks to Brendan O’Brien, provided more light entertainment and culminated in an awesome “Pandora’s Box” mega-raffle worth over $1,000. Also valued at around $1,000.00 was the Traegar electric Smoker/BBQ , donated by Industry Training Solutions (ITS), drawn for a person wearing this year’s polo shirt at the event. Over 300 tickets were sold in a chilli bin raffle, proceeds of which were donated to the radio operators for the wonderful service they provide. Thank you to Alistair Culley for donating the chilli bin.

Congratulations to the crew of Nod Nod winners of the “3 Sisters” competition and very grateful recipients of the jet ski. Thanks again to AFC Motorcycles, Manawatu Security Fencing, GH Engineering and Buy Wholesale Vehicles for being fantastic sponsors of such a big-ticket item.

A magnificent $3,000.00 was raised for the Coastguard by the auction of a helicopter trip. Many thanks to Keven Roberts from Roberts Contracting for donating this awesome prize.

It was great to see the Easter Bunny could make it after a full schedule of egg deliveries to be our MC and to keep the whole show moving. Well done Lyal Brenton, you are eggstraordinary!!

We have such a great team who work so hard to make it all happen. Huge thanks to our Commodore, Fishing Committee, Executive, Radio Operators, Coastguard, carpark team, ramp clearing team, weigh station team, bar staff, food preparation and kitchen team, set-up and pack-up team, Club Manager and website manager – a magnificent effort!

Lastly please support our amazing sponsors whenever you can. The series is only possible because of their generosity and we want them to know it is appreciated and reciprocated. So many thanks everyone and happy fishing.


Manawatu Hunting & Fishing, McIntosh’s Farm Machinery & Cranes,    AFC,   GH Engineering, Manawatu Security Fencing,   Buy Wholesale Vehicles, Tanenuiarangi Manawatū Incorporated 


JDS Roofing, Max Wilson Jewellers, Coast to Coast Blinds,   OK Fish,  ITS,  GR8NZlife,  Team Davenport Property Brokers,  Foxton Storage – Rent a Shed, Marine Services Whanganui.


Adamson & Holland, Wells Builders, MMBC, Metalcraft, Tenua Engineering, NW Foxton, Vortex Electrical, Flax Gift Gallery, DB Breweries, Burnsco, South Foxton Motors, Roberts Contracting.


Repco Levin, Leighton Judd The Joiner, Water & Beyond, Rimu Box Art, Quirky Creations, Longburn Drainage, KP Contracting, Hands of Health, Mr Grumpy’s Takeaways, Pioneer Outfitters, Foxton Beach 4 Square, Odyssey T-Shirts, Turners Sports, Peter Jamieson Builders, Tim Cook Harcourts Real Estate, Aqua Café & Bar, Yatai Restaurant, Tony Huisman Wooden Crafts, Steve’s Tyres, Team DH, W D Adin Truss Manufacturers, A1 Homes, Beauty & the Beach, Reg’s Takeaways.


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 1.110 Shayley Hickey Terrabite
2 0.930 Brendon Gabbot Snapper Trapp
3 0.920 Blair Cottrill Demonstrator
4  0.920 Barbara Patience Nod Nod
5 0.870 Kerry Ploen Sonia
6 0.810 Jo Davenport Chianti
7 0.770 Thomas Green Snapper Trapp
8 0.760 Simon Davenport Chianti
9 0.730 Tony Huisman Snapper Magic
10 0.710 Charli Tibble Tauira
11 0.660 Donna O’Brien Hookum 2
12 0.650 Karen Dykstra Horizon
13 0.650 Richard Green Snapper Trapp
14 0.640 Jason Barnard Snapper Trapp
15 0.630 Debbie Harrison Horizon


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 2.390 Don Laursen Ski Waka
2 2.270 Brett McIntosh Head Office
3 2.170 Chris Janes Black Pearl
4 2.130 Shane Trask The Smila
5 2.080 Haydon Cody Liquid Asset
6 2.040 Rick Bishop About Time
7 2.020 Wayne Gillies Reality
8 1.990 Shane Radovanovic Reality
9 1.970 Michael Slobbe F & K
10 1.950 Cody Barnett Ebb
11 1.940 Reece Tawharu Jopaige
12 1.910 Danielle Harris Tauira
13 1.910 Wayne Davis Blue Stabi
14 1.900 Tony Broms Black Pearl
15 1.890 Greg McCarthy Reality


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 4.500 Blair  Mitchell Rosewood
2 4.310 Norm Cutler Thumper
3 4.260 Grant Rigby Lady May
4 3.920 Same Whiteman Gin Palace
5 3.900 Graham Wharepapa The Smila
6 3.860 Lawrence Spicer Carpe Diem
7 3.820 Amber Stern Snapper Trapp
8 3.790 Keith Brown Luxury Liner
9 3.740 Grant Donnelly Cool Change II
10 3.650 Wayne Davis Blue Stabi
11 3.590 Justin Vennell Cutty Sark
12 3.440 Lance Davis Snapper Up
13 3.340 Kerry Ploen Sonia
14 3.340 Barbara Patience Nod Nod
15 3.320 James Gillatt Breakaway


Place Weight Winner Boat
1 1.860 Barry Pinfold Lady May
2 1.740 Stacy Perrett The Tinnie
3 1.740 Robin Hall Willpowa
4 1.690 Dion Pene Tauira
5 1.670 Grant Davis About Time-Davis
6 1.570 Ross Davis Blue Stabi
7 1.530 Lil Giles Willpowa
8 1.510 Molly Davis Snapper Dip
9 1.390 Colin Dykstra Horizon
10 1.350 Noah Savage Domain
11 1.300 Lochy Spicer Carpe Diem
12 1.210 Richard Green Snapper Trapp
13 1.210 Blair Mitchell Rosewood
14 1.210 Barbara Patience Nod Nod
15 1.150 Callum Mitchell Rosewood

2023 Super Quad Overall Winner

The Nod Nod team and their prize – Seadoo Jet Ski.

Thank you to the Jetski Sponsors:

  •  AFC Motorcycles
  •  Buy Wholesale Cars
  •  Manawatu Security Fencing
  •  GH Engineering

And a huge thanks to all the generous sponsors who have supported the Club this season.

Thanks to our sponsors: