Fishing Contacts

Manawatu Marine Boating Club is a great place to base your fishing. With an east access ramp, it is close to the river mouth  and whether its at sea or on the river, fishing is a great way to pass the time.

If you are new to bar crossing, please ask for help, there are plenty of people willing to help e.g. Coastguard members.

Our aim is to encourage safe and enjoyable fishing and boating, as well as help conserve our fish stock and coast. We have close contact with the Ministry of Fisheries who have praised our members for sticking to the rules Рkeep it up!  Pamphlets detailing the regulations are available in the clubrooms.


Contact for the Fishing Committee:
Jude Moxon
021 325 499
c/- MMBC, P O Box 7, Foxton Beach 4849
As well as competitions, the Fishing Section of the MMBC also arranges guest speakers and demonstrations from time to time.