Club Management

The Club affairs are conducted by the Executive members who, except for the Secretary and Treasurer, are elected at the Annual General Meeting each August. The Executive appoints the Secretary and Treasurer. The Club also employs a Manager to run the day-to-day operations.

The Executive consists of: Commodore, Vice Commodore, Fishing Coordinator, Sailing Coordinator and up to six Committee members.

Here is our 2020/21 Management team.

Sue Hoskin
Sue HoskinSecretary
Sue McPhee
Sue McPheeTreasurer
Jude Moxon
Jude MoxonFishing Coordinator
Rob Cox
Rob CoxSailing Coordinator
Bill Curtis
Bill CurtisCommittee Member
Blair Cottrill
Blair CottrillCommittee Member
Jo Davenport
Jo DavenportCommittee Member
Larry Ellison
Larry EllisonCommittee Member
Peter Jamieson
Peter JamiesonPatron
Paula Bary
Paula BaryPatron

Life Members

W. Bennetto
H. C. Watt
P. Robbie
H.V. Turner
S.R. Nolan
S.J. Richardson
P.J. Jamieson
W.E. Diffey
E.J. McIntosh
T.E. Feek
D.I. Watts
J.M. Jaggard
L.R. Pedersen
W.J. Cooper
K.R. & V.A. Hirst

Clubhouse Manawatu Marine Boating Club