Boat leaving Foxton.


Completed boat being craned into the river.

This boat was manufactured by Profab Engineering in Palmerston North and transported to the beach on 3 house removal trucks. Once assembled the boat will be sent to Wanganui to have cranes etc fitted. The boat is 23 meters long and 11 meters wide and the fuel tank takes 38,000 liters. It is powered buy 2×750 hp motors and will cruise at 12 knots. The boat will work out of Darwin and be used to supply the oil rigs.




Photo taken Jan 2014

Kingfish caught by Bryan Wells onboard “The Fridge” on 25th April 2011


Kim Jones with her 10.8 kg Kingfish caught during the Easter fishing tournament 2011


9.4 kg snapper caught 22 Feb 2011 on “Cabbage Patch”

9.98 kg snapper caught on “Cabbage Patch” on 21/3/2011